Cherry Blossom Flavored Ice Cream


Naturally, it being the Pink Season, all things must be as one with the almighty sakura. Including…ice cream.

And what does this marvel of food engineering taste like? Hmm, good question.  Fortunately, they did not try to reproduce the taste of traditional Japanese sakura sweets, which are sweet rice cakes jarringly wrapped in salty pickled cherry leaves. Usually I’m pretty good at Guess That Flavor, but this time I can’t get any closer than it tastes like Pink.

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2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Flavored Ice Cream

  1. I had sakura soft cream in Osaka once. Heaven. I get the pink taste, though. I’ve had stuff here that tasted green…or, heaven forbid, blue.

    1. So, do you like that sakura “tea” and other sakura-flavored snacks? I’ve never been able to figure out if they actually put cherry blossoms in it or not (and if so, what exactly they’d taste like all by themselves)…

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