Steaming Hot Orange Soda

For your wintertime beverage enjoyment, behold the Hot Orange. At first I figured the distributor was just getting rid of last summer’s overstock, but the packaging definitely says this vending machine offering is not only meant to be drunk steaming hot, it’ll deliver a dose of vitamin C to fend off those pesky winter colds.

Here’s another curious flavor that’s made an appearance this season from several manufacturers – the Green Tea X Espresso Coffee drink.

If I were really a blogging goddess, I’d buy one and report on how it tastes, but the very idea of mixing green tea and coffee is so revolting that I can’t quite make the sacrifice.

And finally, that perennial favorite, the Hot Corn Potage. This one caught my eye because it describes itself as “Torori” Corn, which my dictionary rather euphemistically translates as “viscous” but actually means something with a bit more sliminess to it.

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