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October 31

Knick-Knacks Of The Damned

Be forewarned all ye who enter here: Strange Love is the spookiest store in the world. And I don’t mean cute-spooky, I mean spooky-spooky. The owner combs the flea markets, haunted estates and Transylvanian castle garage sales of America and Europe to bring together the weirdest, creepiest and most awesome collection of odd-gothic memorabilia I’ve ever seen. From […]

August 31

Wrapping Paper That’s Too Nice For Any Present

There’s one problem with shopping at the chiyogami store in Yanaka – in a matter of  minutes, my shopping basket was stacked with ten times the number of sheets I came for, and all of them were whispering, “Frame me!” Even though the paper isn’t expensive, I knew when I got home I wouldn’t be able […]

July 08

The Flavor Store

Vanilla? Puh-leese! That’s so last millenium! What about mugwort? Or cherry blossom? Or essence of red bean? If you’ve got a hankering for a cocktail that tastes like violets or a cake with a hint of persimmon, get thee to Flavor Land on Kappabashi Street! This tiny boutique sells every flavoring you can think of, […]

April 17

Maid X Kimono

Stop throwing a fit because mom is insisting you wear a kimono to your cousin’s wedding instead of your usual Lolitawear, and get yourself on the express train to Marui Annex. This maid café X kimono is the perfect way to obey the letter of the law while still maintaining a modicum of personal style! […]

April 12

How much is that doggie in the…YOU’RE KIDDING!

¥269,800? For a puppy? At first I thought I was suffering from some kind of rare double vision only affecting zeros, but nope. That little white shiba-inu pup really is selling for over 2,700 George Washingtons. Do you think maybe it can perform amazing magic tricks? Or it’s a Mozart prodigy? Maybe it’s already been […]