Wrapping Paper That’s Too Nice For Any Present

There’s one problem with shopping at the chiyogami store in Yanaka – in a matter of  minutes, my shopping basket was stacked with ten times the number of sheets I came for, and all of them were whispering, “Frame me!” Even though the paper isn’t expensive, I knew when I got home I wouldn’t be ableContinue reading “Wrapping Paper That’s Too Nice For Any Present”

Need. Wooden. Keyboard.

Saw this in the window of a shop at the Aki-Oka artists’ colony under the train tracks in Akihabara. Hacoa specializes in beautiful modern things made of wood: computer stuff (keyboards, mice), iPhone covers, pens and more. If you’d like to visit Aki-Oka Artisan the next time you’re in Tokyo, visit my website, The Tokyo GuideContinue reading “Need. Wooden. Keyboard.”