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November 30

Congratulations! Your Test Has Been Preponed!

We all groaned when the Japanese kanji teacher handed us this week’s schedule: on Friday, in addition to her weekly test on the 25 characters we were supposed to have learned, another teacher was hitting us with a three-chapter grammar review exam. Two tests to cram for on the same day! She saw our faces and said sympathetically, […]

November 27

The Fine Art of the Drinking Party

Friday night was my classmate Giulia’s sayonara party and this is the touchscreen at the table of the izakaya where we held the festivities. We ordered all our food and drink from this handy device, and when we were done, it delivered this bill. Check out the handy feature on the right, where you see the number […]

November 13

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

This is the handout I got today at my Japanese school. Once a week we’re subjected to Business Japanese. Recently we had to write an essay on “What Is Your Dream?” and I was seriously tempted to write, “My dream is to never get a job at a company where I have to use the […]