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March 18

Jobs I Do Not Want To Have When I Grow Up

Walking back from the Nezu Museum this week, I was crossing the street behind this official government worker. Yes, his job is to walk around my neighborhood in a flourescent yellow windbreaker, picking up soggy cigarette butts with industrial-sized tongs. • Jonelle Patrick tries to avoid all gainful employment by writing novels set in Tokyo When Detective […]

June 25

I Hope You Wanted Marlboros

This vending machine offers you a choice between Marlboros and…Marlboros. It could be a glimpse of some horrible apocalyptic future in which the only beer left on Earth is Miller Light and the only mayo is Miracle Whip, or it could be the latest example of a popular Japanese advertising trend: make the product stand out on the shelf by…buying up all the shelves. This is the first time I’ve seen […]

January 09

Coffin Nails For Lefties

Were the lion of the Cuban Revolución to make a little posthumous visit to Japan from Guerilla Heaven, he might be surprised (and possibly more than a little outraged) to find himself shilling for cigarettes from beyond the grave! At least they’re a nice Marxist red. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

March 07

Choco Cigs

Yes, those cigarettes on the right are…chocolate flavored! And the “Special Flavor” ones on the left claim to taste like coconut milk. Not quite sure who the audience is for these babies – can’t quite imagine your basic salaryman firing one of these Black Devils up outside the back door while moaning to his co-workers about […]

February 25

These Cigarettes Give You Demon Breath

Not quite sure what the marketing mavens on the Mild Seven account were thinking when they shot this model looking like the nice guy in the horror movie who’s suddenly revealed to be Satan’s younger brother, but they certainly did a ripping job of getting across the idea that after you smoke one of these […]

February 12

Smoke With Abandon, All Ye Who Enter Here

The Blue Windy Lounge is about as close to a smoker’s paradise as you can get: comfy seats, fine ventilation, vending machines stocked with your favorite smokes if you need a top-up, no cover charge and best of all, nobody glaring at you as though your presence were shortening their lives! For years, Asia has been […]

September 15

My Other Cigarette is a Prius

And this cigarette is a “hybrid” because… It doesn’t give off air-polluting smoke, it actually repairs the ozone layer, cigarette by cigarette? Or maybe the more you smoke them, the better your cyborg x-ray vision becomes? If only I’d studied my kanji harder, I’d know the answer to this burning question… • Read a novel set in […]