Dogs In Kimonos: Shiba Edition!

The only thing in all of Japan that might be cuter than huskies in kimonos is a parade of shiba inus in kimono.

Shibas are well-known for making like the Petrified Forest and refusing to budge until even the tiniest hint of humiliating costumery is removed, but the noble beasts I caught making their first shrine visit of the year were anything but embarrassed to be promenading down the street in their new year’s finery.

The girl dogs were dressed in pink kimonos…
…and the boy dogs wore formal hakama, like the outfits that little boys don for the first time on their 7-5-3 Coming of Age day in November
And in case you think these were some sad, obsequious variety of shiba-bot, let me assure you that 110% sheeb attitude was at full power in every other way. This one, for example, only hopped down from his command ship when he felt like investigating an interesting smell or had to remind the others who’s boss

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