Sweet Selfies On A Stick

This is the owner!

There’s a little shop near Sendagi Station called Amezaiku-ya where you can order the ultimate sweet selfie! Most often commissioned for wedding cake toppers, all the resident artists need is a photo and a little time to craft a mini-you out of sugar.

The portraits are too complicated to make while you wait, but if you’d like to watch how it’s done (and take pictures)…
… just choose a design off this handy menu, and the artist will make it for you right in front of your eyes!
But that’s not all they make! If you’re in a hurry, you can buy an adorable candy that looks just like your very own doglet, a mythical phoenix or nine-tailed fox, a cute bunny character…
…or the ultimate edible disguise.
They’ve also got a full line of zodiac animals and cute pets, a New Year’s gift that won’t break the bank and never fails to delight

This kind of candy sculpting is a very old Japanese art, and even though they make it look way easy, it takes about two years for apprentices to learn how to do it. If you’d like to try it yourself, there’s a workshop where you can attempt to make them, over in Asakusa.

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Selfies On A Stick

  1. Girl, how do you come up with this stuff??? I’ve seen the candy, of course, but not the selfies.

    FYI, typo on “dog” in the third caption. Just sayin’.

    1. Yikes, I can’t even remember where I heard about this one, but it immediately snagged me because I love the Nezu/Sendagi neighborhood, and am always looking for new stuff to take people to do there. (And HA thanks for alerting me to the fact that I’d gotten myself into some weird little appendix of the internet community that is obsessed with the shiba “doge” meme and that it’s not exactly a universally familiar reference! Changed, for the better )

      1. I feel that way about Ueno–always something to see if you can stand the crowds. Sancha can be that way but fewer choice.

        And there you go. I didn’t know about the “doge” meme, so either I’m a dinosaur or you’re right and it was too obscure. Either is equally possible. 😉

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