Tweets From The Pillow Book

Sei Shonagon (with apologies to Hokusai)

The author of The Pillow Book mastered the trending hashtag and the snarky tweet ten centuries before anyone had ever heard of Twitter…

@seishonagon One has gone to bed and is about to doze off when a mosquito appears, announcing himself in a reedy voice #hatefulthings

@seishonagon One has been foolish enough to invite a man to spend the night in an unsuitable place – and then he starts snoring #hatefulthings

@seishonagon One is telling a story when someone breaks in with a detail he happens to know, implying that one’s own version is inaccurate #hatefulthings

@seishonagon When the ornamental comb one has ordered turns out to be pretty #pleasingthings

@seishonagon I look for an object that I need at once, and I find it #pleasingthings

@seishonagon Finding a large number of tales that one has not read before #pleasingthings

@seishonagon A man recites his own poems (not especially good ones) and tells one about the praise they have received #embarrassingthings

@seishonagon Lying awake at night, one says something to one’s companion, who simply goes on sleeping #embarrassingthings

@seishonagon To have spoken about someone not knowing that he could overhear #embarrassingthings

@seishonagon A very cold winter scene #thingsthatgainbybeingpainted 

@seishonagon Cherry blossoms #thingsthatlosebybeingpainted

@seishonagon The inside of a cat’s ear #squalidthings

@seishonagon The back of a piece of embroidery #squalidthings

@seishonagon Darkness in a place that does not give the impression of being very clean #squalidthings

@seishonagon A large tree that has blown down in a gale, and lies on its side with its roots in the air #thingsthathavelosttheirpower

@seishonagon A man of no importance reprimanding an attendant #thingsthathavelosttheirpower

@seishonagon The retreating figure of a sumo wrestler who has been defeated in a match #thingsthathavelosttheirpower

@seishonagon The last day of the Twelfth Month and the first of the First #thingsthataredistantthoughnear

@seishonagon Priests. Fruit. Houses. Inksticks for inkstones #thingsthatshouldbelarge

These are all quotes from the Ivan Morris translation of The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon, written by a woman who lived a thousand years ago.

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