Not An Expert On Chicken Anatomy, But…


…where exactly did Mos Burger find a chicken part that looks like THIS?

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3 thoughts on “Not An Expert On Chicken Anatomy, But…

  1. Slightly unrelated, but have you been to the McDonalds in Shibuya lately? The one “inside” the BicCamera? On the wall near the entrance they have one of the actual “molds” used to make the chicken McNuggets from the Pink Ooze, with all the official shapes marked out. I prefer Japanese cuisine myself but it is always interesting to see these “how we make them” sort of thruthisms.

    1. Arg, I keep trying to get to this one so I can check out the molds and report back, but somehow my end of Tokyo errands keep taking me further afield. Perhaps it’s for the best, as I will certainly regret every chicken nugget I ever ate (yes, I admit the errors of my youth!)

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