Yes, This Is One Wisteria Plant!


In case you need proof that “the harder a garden is to get to, the more spectacular it is,” look no further than Ashikaga Flower Park. Two solid hours from Tokyo by car (or two and a half hours hopping on and off four different trains), I didn’t believe any flowers could be worth the trip.

But as you can see, I was oh so wrong!

Not only are they huge, they’re lit up at night

Here's the entire plant at night, reflected in a nearby pond!

And the whole place is designed with reflecting ponds, so you can get pix like THIS

Size matters: these wisteria flowers are over a meter long!

These wisteria flowers are over a meter long!

White ones, over a bridge at twilight

White ones, over a bridge at twilight

White ones, as far as the eye can see

A glowing tunnel of yellow wisteria

Up close, they're beautiful too.

Up close, they’re beautiful too.

Wisteria, wisteria, everywhere you look!

Getting to Ashikaga Flower Park without a car takes about 2.5 hours by train. To get there, plug your nearest station into the Train Finder or download a free Japan Travel mobile app to your phone (I use Navitime Japan Travel) with Ashikaga Flower Park Station as the destination.

Open: Every day, 9:00-21:00 from mid-April to the end of May

Admission: ¥1700 for adults


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