The Fake Sea Slug Vending Machine


“Mommy, mommy, I want a nudibranch! All the other kids have nudibranchs! Pleeeeeze can I have ¥200? Pleeeeeze?”

“No. Last time you cried when you got the Bornella anguilla instead of the Chromodoris annai and I had to take you out of the store because everybody thought I was abusing you or something.

“I won’t cry! Really I won’t. I promise. Even if I get another Bornella. Pleeze?

Ahaha, we know where that one is going. Of course, I didn’t actually witness such a scene, on account of there were no mobs of kids lined up to buy rubber nudibranchs from this gachopon vending machine in the Decks mall in Odaiba. I was kind of tempted to go back and get one myself, though, since I’ve always had a soft spot for nudibranchs, but then I discovered ChromoCrochet’s patterns on Craftsy and might have to start a new hobby instead…

If I learned how to crochet, I could make a whole bunch of retractable sea anemones too!
If I learned how to crochet, I could make a whole army of retractable sea anemones too!

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3 thoughts on “The Fake Sea Slug Vending Machine

    1. I found it in Tokyo, in a ground floor outdoor clothing store in the DECKS Tokyo Beach shopping mall in Odaiba. But it was several years ago, and Gachapon toys sell out within a few months, then are replaced by others. It’s unlikely you’ll find these exact toys there now, but there will be other great ones, so it’s still worth a look!

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