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April 06

In Which We Discover That Nothing Is Sacred

Ooo, cherry blossoms, ooo, ooo!     Hey, look, there’s a little sailboat on the water! No, haha, it’s a guy paddleboarding the untamed canals of Tokyo. …No. No, it’s not. It’s…it’s a PAID POLITICAL AD! (>_<) • Although suitably outraged, Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Tokyo “A genuinely gripping crime thriller which wrong-foots and perplexes the reader […]

June 21

My Next Car

…is definitely going to be a Shoe Car. I hope they come in pink. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

January 06

Most Confusing Nail Deco Package Award

Um, you’re supposed to glue these multi-culti “nail caviar” Prom BonBons where exactly? Saw these at Don Kihote store in Shibuya. If you’d like to be amazed by the weird goods there the next time you’re in Tokyo, a map to all Don Qi locations in Tokyo is on my other website, The Tokyo Guide I […]

March 31


I ask myself, is extra-hardness something I’ve been longing for in a mint? • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

March 08

What Are We Trying To Say Here? Pop Star?

Is there no end to the indignity Japanese idols must suffer? I mean seriously – can you imagine someone saying to Nirvana, “Hey, for your next release, we think it’d be a great idea if you wore these mutant popcorn head masks?” • Read a novel set in Tokyo    

February 07

Somehow, I Do Not Feel The Urge To Eat Yakitori After Seeing This

Juicy bits of tender flame-grilled chicken on a stick, dripping with savory sauce: pretty hard to make that unappealing. And yet…chicken heads accusing me with their beady little eyes and pointy little beaks  and whatever that bald wrinkly red skin is called somehow does the trick. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

October 22

Suddenly Cursed With X-Ray Vision!

I was standing on my train home the other night, idly trying to read the ad on the doors and swaying with the six other people occupying my square meter of space, when YIKES we swayed right and the guy in the ad suddenly had no clothes on! Or skin! Or muscles! Like some sort […]