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May 05

5,000 Fluttering Fish Flags

Actually, 5,283. That’s how many koi nobori it took to snag Tatebayashi a place in the Guinness Book, and this is what they look like, flying over the river near Tsutsujigaoka Park! If you’re in Japan anytime from late March to early May, and would like to see the koi nobori display in Tsutsujigaoka Park at Tatebayashi, […]

May 05

Fish Flag Day!

On a fine spring day, how can you not be cheered by spotting koi nobori swimming through the sky? It’s Children’s Day again, here in Japan, and fathers & sons everywhere are celebrating by having iris fights in the bath. Here are last year’s beauties at Tokyo Tower and hanging from a kite string at Yoyogi Park: Swimming In […]

May 05

Swimming In The Sky

I love these. Every year on May 5, families fly koi nobori outside their houses as a sort of prayer that their sons will become like the carp that climbed the waterfall to become a dragon. These fish flags always cheer me up, but this year for some reason the public displays are particularly exuberant! […]