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May 12

Cross Stitch Yourself A Phone Case!

“Home Sweet Home” samplers – sooo 17th century. Today’s Crafty Craftpern whips up a smartphone case instead. Today at Shibuya Loft I saw needle & thimble-ready cases in eight different colors, ready for you to beaver up your favorite design, from Hello Kitty to  Cuddly Raw Fish Boy. Or you can cheat, and buy yourself one that’s already crocheted! […]

January 13

Wooden Origami

Craving a cherry crane or a pine penguin? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to fold a walnut helmet! Yep, this origami is actually made from paper-thin slices of wood! You can get your very own pack of super sheer veneer from (where else?) Tokyu Hands, on the lumber floor. (It has always amazed me that […]

September 12

Wack Hats For Cats

I just discovered a Japanese website featuring a slightly demonic black cat, who demonstrates just how rewarding cat hat tatting can be. This foxy feline has trained his human servant to turn out ever more seasonal and powerful headgear, so year-round, he can infiltrate the ranks of noble samurai, visiting aliens, innocent bunnies, floral arrangements, […]

July 10

Crafting With Cat Fur!

For the ultimate mottainai (“don’t let anything go to waste”), round up all those floating clouds of cat fur in your apartment and craft some nyan-tastic gift items! Finger puppets! Sweater hole patches! Book covers! Be forewarned, however, that even though the prodigious amounts of fur one finds drifting around one’s apartment suggests that cats […]

February 04

Crocheted Food

It’s common knowledge that in Japan they make plastic food models, but who knew that in the privacy of their own homes, Japanese women were churning out little crocheted taiyaki, donuts, and ice cream sundaes? These are from a little book called “Sweets Amigurumi” published by  Boutique-sha. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…