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January 09

It’s Time For The Craziest Car Show In Tokyo!

If it’s mid-January, you know where to find me: Tokyo’s biggest eye-candy car event of the year, Tokyo Auto Salon! Unlike the more stuffy Tokyo Auto Show (where big makers debut their new offerings and concept cars), Tokyo Auto Salon is for people who definitely don’t want something off the rack. From samurai rides to […]

January 16

Bling ALL The Rides

Q. What’s got four wheels and sparkles and can totally give you ear damage? A. The cars on display at Tokyo Auto Salon, of course! Yes, there’s a gigantic car show dedicated to over-the-top blingmobiles. Sure, there were plenty of ho-hum cars there too, but it’s the lowered, skirted, spoilered, rhinestoned-encrusted, flame-covered, subwoofer-blasting eye candy that everyone pays good money […]