How To Measure Social Distance, J-Style

Those of us who’ve been under quarantine for a month have stood in enough lines by now that we’ve probably got a pretty good eye for the “six foot” (two meter) guideline, but in crowded Japan, not so much. So they’ve plastered the subways with posters giving hilariously helpful hints for judging how close not to stand to fellow commuters.

Graphic showing two meters of social distance is equal to one tatami mat
Graphic showing two meters of social distance is equal to one bicycle
And my favorite:
Graphic showing two meters of social distance is equal to one giant tuna

Here’s what the posters look like:

They include an excellent graphic at the bottom to convince people that social distancing can help stop the pandemic spread. Plenty of people are still making exceptions for themselves in the absence of binding orders from the government, and the lack of office closures means many still have to pile onto trains every day to go to work (can you spell AIEEEE?)

These were designed by Eisuke Tachikawa and his team at Nosigner. Thanks to SoraNews24 for collecting these excellent graphics

If you’d like to see some silly graphics with distance measures that are a bit more local, head over to J-style Social Distancing Measurements for the Rest of Us

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