November 20


The Shrine Maiden Vending Machine

Are ya feelin’ lucky? Because this vending machine dispenses fortunes, just like the ones you can buy at Japanese shrines! But that’s not all – it’s delivered by a little animatronic shrine maiden, who fetches if from the inner precincts and deposits it in the offering box for your future-divining pleasure.

Color-changing lights flash and traditional music plays as your coins drop home, then the shrine doors open and this little beauty whirls around to head inside for your fortune. When she comes back out, she tips her tray into the box at the front, and your future tumbles down to the opening below

However, if you get one as snarkily unlucky as mine…

…you might want to tie it onto the handy vending machine rope and leave it behind!

If you’d like to visit the shrine maiden vending machine the next time you’re in Tokyo, there’s a map on the curated Yanaka walking tour on my other blog, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

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