One Fried Noodle Sandwich, Please

From the land that junk food shame forgot, this. A yakisoba sandwich is basically the Japanese equivalent of cold pizza for breakfast, on a bun. This is what frugal Japanese fry up for breakfast if one of their fridge leftovers happens to be noodles, so it was rare to find this homely item for sale at a little bakery near Tawaramachi Station.

Mind you, it took me a while to decide whether to buy this, or the equally weird “Napolitan” spaghetti sandwich right next to it.

*Those of you who know what “Napolitan” is will already be laughing/shuddering, but if you’ve never had the dubious pleasure, it’s a beloved Japanese version of the Italian pasta classic, made with ketchup instead of anything remotely resembling Italian spaghetti sauce.

If you’d like to nab one of these treasures for yourself (and see some killer fake food model stores, while you’re at it), here’s where to find them:

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