The Most Only-In-Japan Halloween Costumes Ever

Tired of being the same old sexy skunk or slightly NSFW goose in a tutu for Halloween? Keep your fellow costume partiers guessing with these only-in-Japan puzzlers!

However much mini-skirted shrine maidens might figure in cosplay fantasies, you can be sure this will be the first time everyone actually sees one IRL

And if you’re shooting for for sexy AND inexplicable, fellow revelers might guess Japanese Olympic skating costume, but only true Japanese history wonks will guess Modern Oiran!

Or you can sort the true popcult mavens from the wannabes by dressing as everyone’s favorite gachapon capsule toy: the Office Lady Cup Sitter

If you’re more of a life-of-the-party type, those who have ever been to a Japanese office drinking party will be happy to see a giant flask of sake coming their way

For a costume that’s guaranteed to start a million conversations, why not show up as everyone’s favorite Japanese food ingredient: a giant green onion? If you can believe the package, this is guaranteed to baffle even Japanese Halloweenies

And if you’re out to meet other comic book aficionados, separate those who think they know Japanese manga and anime characters from the real deal by wearing this Daddy Eyeball Monster hood

Last but certainly not least, they tried to disguise this too-Japanese costume as ho-hum “Devil Tights” but it’s clear to anyone who’s spent any time at all in Japan, that this guy is a dead ringer for a kabutomushi: the famous gigantic Japanese beetle pets

I found these at the always-entertaining Don Kihote megastore in Shibuya (here’s a map). And if you still haven’t hit on your dream costume, you can always check out what the peeing statue is wearing for Halloween this year, or if you’re really desperate, Costumes I Would Regret.

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