You’re A Sexy WHAT?


What’s a girl to do if she needs a fetching Halloween costume for the company drinkathon, but doesn’t want to show up in the same maid costume all the OLs are wearing or be the only female AKB48 impersonator?

Bunnychan Club costume design to the rescue! The only problem is, it’s so hard to decide – shall I be a Sexy Skunk or a Sexy Werewolf…?

Thank you Ageha magazine for the photos and this, er, unique idea.

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6 thoughts on “You’re A Sexy WHAT?

    1. I know, I had to read the description to figure out what it was supposed to be! And it does look pretty cozy for a Halloween costume, yet it maintains that worrying aspect of being barely bottom-covering. o_O

      1. I’ve been busy with Navy stuff, and apparently busy not getting emails that people replied to my comments…….

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