Viva la Revolućion…Diva Style

I’ve got to hand it to the fearless players of Takurazuka – they might be the only women in the world who regularly get up on stage and play the parts of men with iconic beards and legendary moustaches.

Their current musical production features everyone’s favorite Cuban revolotionary, who rocks the glam eye makeup a bit better than Honest Abe.

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8 thoughts on “Viva la Revolućion…Diva Style

  1. A Musical ?! THAT would be one to see… How do the Japanese perceive Guevara? I have a difficult time imagining much approval of a socialist rebel. Or is it the ideology they revel?

    1. I didn’t go to the performance, I just saw the posters for it and thought it was impressively ambitious. I would like to see a Takurazuka show sometime, but it’s super expensive & such, so until I exhaust the cheaper forms of entertainment, probably won’t.

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