Cat Feet Chair Socks!

I know that you’ll be super envious to hear that my kitchen chairs are now prancing around on little cat feet! Gone are the days when the awful screeching sound of chair on floor could drive guests away faster than a pot of soup generously endowed with all four kinds of cow stomach.

And they come in five glorious cat-approved colors, so you don’t have to choose your favorite and risk annoying the others into horking up a hairball in the dark reaches of your closet while you’re at work

These “Tiger Feet” kitteh paw chair socks are made in Japan, but you can get them on Amazon, for all your holiday gifting needs. Because if everyone you know doesn’t want these, you need new friends

When not wasting time admiring her new chair socks, Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Tokyo

There’s nothing I like better than to discover a new mystery series, especially if they take me to a place I love. If you know anyone who’d like to spend more time in Japan…THESE Read more