The Shiba Inu Vending Machine

Finally! A series of shiba inu gachagacha toys made by an artist who understands that these devilish dogs are not just unbearably adorable, they come packed with a level of eccentric that makes eel-flavored ice cream look like vanilla.

What other dog would become more beloved for sticking its head where it doesn’t belong and just plain REFUSING? (Thank you to @toocutetobear for the epic nope photo)
“Stuck in a Brick Wall Shiba” learned everything he knows from my friend Yuri’s dog
“Block Wall Stuck Shiba” gets into a tight spot at the Tomb of the Untold Stories.
“Shoji Screen Stuck Shiba” is a proud destroyer of paper windows (Thanks to my friend Kaori, of Yokomura Eco-Lodge, who made the awesome colored shoji screen in the background.)
“Stuck in a Painting Shiba” manages to look as pleased as the original
And “Stuck in a Donut Shiba” is the happiest of all

This series may be sold out by the time you’re next in Tokyo, but there will be plenty more to take its place! If you’d like to discover the latest, greatest, gachagacha, a guide to the best gachapon hunting spots in Tokyo is on my travel blog, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had. Happy hunting!

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9 thoughts on “The Shiba Inu Vending Machine

  1. I really enjoyed seeing these Jonelle! Although it filled me with some sadness that none of the shibas owned by my family will likely ever get the chance to stick their head through a shoji screen.

    1. That IS a shiba Life Goal lol. But I super envy your family for having shibas! I’ve got family members who are super allergic to animals, so I have to visit my obsession on random shibs I meet in the park and on the street (*^ω^*)

      1. Thanks! Will I keep the HUGE yellow pikachu given to me many years ago ( and still imperfect shape I must say)… stay tuned to the Marionchan is moving show!!!🤣

    1. How sad is it that I’ve posted so often about vending machine toys that I’ve figured out a technique for taking pictures of them? Better send that admirable accomplishment to my college alumni news column (since I won’t be starting any groundbreaking internet companies or winning any Nobel prizes anytime soon lol)

  2. Ahahaha, that was an excellent post! You DO need to live in Japan, if you love a warm toilet seat and a convenience stores that actually sell the stuff you might need IN A HURRY after other stores close (feminine products, I’m talking to YOU). I was highly amused to discover that they also sell black funeral ties. In case of, er, sudden deaths?

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