The Fox Wedding Vending Machine

Don’t say I never take one for the team – I just spent a year’s worth of laundry coins getting every single member of this fox wedding so you don’t have to!

Move over Angry Ghost Cats and Drunken Pets! The Fox Wedding vending machine takes tiny collectible toy obsession to a whole new level. Take my coin purse, foxen! Take all of it!

The wedding procession strikes out through the ancient mystical fox village at the Sasuke Inari Shrine

…then passes the first of the torii gates, while hundreds of magical inari fox figures wish them happiness

Don’t you just love the detail on these tiny figures? Their faces are the BEST

And by the way, if you don’t already have a name for that thing where it rains while the sun is shining, from now on you can tell people what they say in Japan, which is. “Hey, look! It’s the foxes’ wedding!”

When not spending every last coin she has on plastic fox toys, Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Tokyo

A young woman dressed as a Gothic Lolita is found dead in a car with a pair of strangers. But the more Yumi Hata learns about her friend’s death, the more she’s convinced it was murder…read more