The Fox Wedding Vending Machine

Don’t say I never take one for the team – I just spent a year’s worth of laundry coins getting every single member of this fox wedding so you don’t have to!

Move over Angry Ghost Cats and Drunken Pets! The Fox Wedding vending machine takes tiny collectible toy obsession to a whole new level. Take my coin purse, foxen! Take all of it!

The wedding procession strikes out through the ancient mystical fox village at the Sasuke Inari Shrine
…then passes the first of the torii gates, while hundreds of magical inari fox figures wish them happiness
Don’t you just love the detail on these tiny figures? Their faces are the BEST

And by the way, if you don’t already have a name for that thing where it rains while the sun is shining, from now on you can tell people what they say in Japan, which is. “Hey, look! It’s the foxes’ wedding!”

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17 thoughts on “The Fox Wedding Vending Machine

    1. Book #5 manuscript is nearly ready to send to my agent! This one has taken a while, because it needed a bunch more research, in obscure corners of Japan and in odd libraries about town (><;;)

  1. Well done! It’s very cute too but be careful maybe that’s the beginning of a COLLECTION !!!! And in Japan we know what that means if you start collecting everything that has a Fox 🦊 on it…

    1. IT’S TOO LATE #alreadydamned #foxeseverywhere #resistanceisfutile (And I’m always so happy to see when you’ve enjoyed something here – I love seeing everything you dig up on your blog, and have made quite a few pilgrimages to find stuff that you spotted that I MUST HAVE, damn you!)

      1. Thanks or should I say « sorry « ?. I tried to cram all the things I talked about this year in a 3 week period this summer. My suitcase was kind of full 😁. I didn’t get the foxes though I did get a fox mask that will appear on the blog once my new peg boards have been set up (I have a peg board addiction 😢). As far as hell is concerned I got a fairly good idea in Kyoto this summer hihi.

      2. And I hope you follow me on Marionchan returns because I lost all my followers in the change to the new blog and I’m starting from scratch 😢

    1. I found these at the giant Yodobashi Camera right next to Akihabara Station, but these are limited editions and they might be sold out by the time you get there ( ; _ ; ) If you really really want some though, there are little hole in the wall shops all over Akihabara and Nakano Broadway that sell gachapon toys like this by the piece. They’re about ¥100 more expensive than buying them from the gachapon machine, but you don’t have to take your chances of getting multiples of some and none of the others.

    1. I’m sort of ducking my head in shame, because I *do* have a ton of them, and although I try to give them away after writing about the blogworthy ones, it’s not easy to part with those I don’t have duplicates of! I did give away a TON at my last book party (the glass-hangers were given to random guests when they picked up their drinks at the bar) but those events are so few and far between, the gachagachas are kind of piling up now. Am thinking that with the next book, I’ might offer them as prizes to anyone who hosts a pop-up book club…

      1. That’s a really cool idea and I bet everyone at your book parties would have been delighted to get these! Giving them away is good karma – more gachas will flow back to you in your life hehe

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