The Digital Greenhouse

Level up, holiday lightshow fanboys & girls! This digital greenhouse ups the ante in the illuminations game, bigtime.

First of all, you can go inside and LIVE THE KALEIDOSCOPIC DREAM.

But that’s not all. You can trigger new musical sounds and light patterns by touching the live veggie plants inside. (Yes. Dying. Going to heaven.) Seriously, isn’t this what you always wished illuminations could be?

But don’t take my word for it – here’s a clip of it, from the outside.

But enough of that, let’s go in!

At first it’s just all sparkly
Then the music and lights begin to pulse and glow
Vines snake out from the planter boxes
And bloom into big poppy-ish flowers
And then the light show begins, cycling through birds flying overhead and a rainbow aurora of light

That was worth a trip to Tokyo, right? But hang on, here’s a two-minute clip of my favorite sequence:

The greenhouse is lined with planters of real, live vegetables, and official attendants are roaming around to help you figure out how to touch them so they layer in new lights and sounds. Tomatoes add violins, cabbages insert oboe sounds, and carrots trigger trumpets.

So, you may ask rhetorically, could it get any better? Why yes, it could. Because it’s FREE!

This installation is called “Digital Vegetables,” and it was made by up-and-coming design studio PARTY. If you’re in Tokyo and want to see it for yourself, it’ll be at Tokyo Midtown until November 5, 2017.

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11 thoughts on “The Digital Greenhouse

  1. FANTASTICAL!!! Is it sensory overload? Found an amazing new Japanese restaurant in Walnut Creek, if I didn’t already mention, Ikoi. It makes the wasabi from real wasabi root. FRESH fish.

    D 🍂❣️🍵

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Eek, can’t believe I missed this lovely comment of yours, especially since it bears news of a find Japanese restaurant! Apologies for being so late to reply, and woo hoo for the fresh wasabi. (Weirdly, I’ve seldom encountered fresh grated wasabi at sushi spots in Japan, but I think that speaks more to my budget than their prevalence!)

  2. OMG that is amazing and beautiful! Did you ever see that thing at the Exploratorium that was a tree with LEDs and you could clap or whistle and it would light up in different colors? That was like .0001 of this experience.

      1. also, the city of San Jose just installed a series of arches with lights in front of City Hall, but I don’t know how interactive they are. It was originally a Burning Man project. Scott Ashkanz from the Well was involved. I need to get over and see it.

      2. So cool! I love how cities are waking up to the ways they can use art to really draw people into places they don’t usually go. Tokyo illuminations are just getting started (gnash gnash, as I head home before the holidays) and every year they become more entertaining and magnificent

    1. Arg, arg, arg, I’m so sorry for getting that wrong! And if you went there on my say-so and found it had disappeared, I am really really sorry for wasting your time and causing disappointment instead of delight. Thank you for pointing it out (fixed now) so nobody else will be mislead.

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