Sexy Santa Roundup!


Bring on the sequins, lace, and fake fur halter Santas! As long as it’s red and white, anything goes!

Ladies, just because those gold lamé and leopard print Santa costumes are made for men doesn’t mean you can’t play fast and loose with the jolly old elf this Christmas season! The Sexy Santa is a holiday tradition in Japan, and no party would be complete without a few of these beauties in attendance…


Whip Santa gets those reindeer in line with a little fake fur-trimmed shorts action.


Rabbit Santa. Fetching, to be sure. But why.


Holy Rabbit Santa. More why, with whipped cream on top.


And for those forced to participate in the holiday jollies, but who think red and white is not cute enough, the pink and black ruffled Candy Bolero Santa.

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