Hmm, Today I Think I’ll Do A Little Body Piercing…


That’s right, these little beauties are SELF-PIERCERS! How many ways can I say OW?! And even though the “birthstone” earring included suggests they are for 13-year-old girls, the store that sold them in the Magnet by 109 building specialized in jewelry that wasn’t exactly made for earlobes.

How do I pierce thee? Let me count the ways…

For those who would, um, prefer not to perform this sort of operation themselves, there are, of course, excellent body modification studios in Tokyo, ready to pierce your every…well, see for yourself.


The above pamphlet is from an excellent Harajuku shop called Extreme Body Piercing, the absolute opposite of DIY. They perform piercings with totally clinical procedures, and after reading the serious aftercare instructions they give their clients, you can see how paying a professional would definitely be the sane thing to do.

Middle photos courtesy of Men’s Knuckle, the go-to fashion mag for hosts.

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7 thoughts on “Hmm, Today I Think I’ll Do A Little Body Piercing…

  1. yep… only really necessary clitoridectomy I’ve ever heard of was because an ignoramus thought she could do a body piercing with one of these.

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