May 20

Blood Type Wine

If I’d seen this anywhere but Japan, I’d think I’d stumbled into Transylvania, but here, nearly everybody posts their blood type on their Facebook profiles alongside their closest train station, and when asked “What’s your type?” by someone they just met at a drinking party, they know the answer isn’t, “Tall, dark and handsome.” The question is right at the top of matchmaking application forms, and can even be asked at job interviews。

Which is not a great thing if you’re cursed with having an Undesirable Type. Such as…B. O is the preferred type (loyal! passionate! generous!), followed by A (calm, sensitive, responsible) and AB (cool, sociable, popular, although occasionally indecisive and critical) but everybody knows that people with B type blood running through their veins DISLIKE CUSTOMS and are SELFISH and UNRELIABLE.

And apparently, they like red wine made from grapes I’ve never heard of。 I mean, ‘A’s get to drink cabernet, ‘O’s prefer merlot, even ‘AB’s are alotted a cabernet blend, but ‘B’s are doomed to drinking…GARNATXA?!

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