This Will Never Be On My Grocery List

I was browsing the meat section at my local super the other night, trying to get some inspiration for dinner, when I noticed it must be shirako season. Have to say, that fact didn’t help me much with my meal planning, since I pretty much never get a craving for fish testicles. While I have eaten it before – in the spirit of if-it’s-served-to-you-the-only-way-past-it-is-down-the-hatch – it was offered in a far more petite quantity and effectively disguised with spicy grated radish.

Somehow, those wiggly heaps of enough genetic material to repopulate the cod population of the Grand Banks just didn’t call out to me, “Take me home and eat me with a spoon!”

Jonelle Patrick is the author of  four novels set in Tokyo

A young woman dressed as a Gothic Lolita is found dead in a car with two strangers. But the more Yumi Hata learns about her friend’s death, the more she’s convinced it was murder…read more