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August 15

How Did You Ever Survive Without A Luxury Potato Holder?

How are you going to stash those fries so they don’t get grease all over the fake fur seat covers in your rolling blingmobile? Shibuya 109 DAD store to the rescue! Tart up your car with a single french fry caddy, or go whole hog with the DAD Front Table, to take all your vices […]

July 08

The Flavor Store

Vanilla? Puh-leese! That’s so last millenium! What about mugwort? Or cherry blossom? Or essence of red bean? If you’ve got a hankering for a cocktail that tastes like violets or a cake with a hint of persimmon, get thee to Flavor Land on Kappabashi Street! This tiny boutique sells every flavoring you can think of, […]

May 31

Bling Your Car!

What good is it to suit up and style out in the perfect hostly accessories if you have to pull up to the curb in a car that’s woefully lacking in bling? Well, now you can create your own little host club on wheels at the DAD store in Men’s 109, your one-stop shop for […]

May 22

What Apartment Doesn’t Need A Little Castle-like Ambience?

Waltz into this schwanky interior design store in Gotanda and walk out with a life-size replica of Arthurian-looking armor! Take your new buddy home on the train! Surely it’s just the welcoming touch your home was needing. (Also note that it comes in mini-knight size, in case you have mini-apartment size digs.) • Read a novel […]