Artist Turns The Best Pet Tweets Into Hilarious Tiny Sculptures

If I had to nominate one artist for Most Sanity-Saving In The Time of Coronavirus, it would absolutely be @meetissai, whose miniature sculptures inspired by pet tweets never fail to make me laugh out loud. Step away from your keyboard if you’re drinking tea, because I now present, for your spench-worthy enjoyment, these.

@Meetissai sculpture of cat wearing face mask
This was the tweet that rocketed @meetissai to internet stardom
@Meetissai sculpture of gray standing cat
It’s not just his obvious skill at capturing the exact likeness of his subjects…
@Meetissai sculpture of outraged sitting cat
…he’s also some kind of wizard at finding these hilarious photos in the first place
@Meetissai sculpture of cat with dandelion stalks coming out of head
and seeing them a bit differently than most people
@Meetissai sculpture of dog getting hit by frisbee
Of course, he doesn’t just do cats
@Meetissai sculpture of sleeping panda
Pretty much any animal is fair game, as long as it becomes even better in micro-scale. And sometimes a photo will send him off on a whole riff…
@Meetissai sculptures of four pets melting in front of air conditioner
and he’ll imagine other animals, in other circumstances, like these pets melting in the summer heat, in front of the air conditioner
@Meetissai sculpture of two cats
And sometimes he doesn’t stop at meticulously recreating a funny photo…
@Meetissai sculpture of tow cat levitating
…he re-poses them in different ways, to make them even funnier
@Meetissai sculpture of imaginary dog with long neck
Naturally, it was only a matter of time before photos that should be internet-famous if they weren’t already came under his knife
@Meetissai sculpture of imaginary six-legged cat
And some were so great he didn’t stop with making a replica of this six-legged cat…
@Meetissai sculpture of imaginary six-legged cat walking
…he couldn’t resist imagining it going about its daily life
@Meetissai sculpture of imaginary long cat
This one too…
@Meetissai sculpture of imaginary long cat standing
@Meetissai sculpture of imaginary two-legged cat
Sometimes he even imagines ordinary pet pix as odd new creatures…
@Meetissai sculpture of imaginary photo fail of many-legged dog
…if a panorama-fail phone shot hasn’t done it already!
@Meetissai sculpture of sleeping cat with no legs
And in case you need someone to envy today, how about this Friend of the Artist? I’d pretty much die and go to heaven if I got to hang one of these from my backpack. These aren’t gachapon yet…but they SHOULD BE!

If you aren’t already following him by now, what are you waiting for? For your own mental health in this time of virus, he’s @meetissai on Twitter and @meetissai417 on Instagram!

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