More Haiku Musings On The Ironies Of Modern Life

Elderly uncle buying sake.

Do I really have to

Check his ID?

This odd store.

I’ve never seen a customer here,

Yet, it survives.

The forecast changes

To match the weather.


Why was my prayer

So much shorter?

I’m embarrassed.

That gangster

Would be more frightening

Without the child seats.

Are you free tomorrow?

Sure, let’s do something!

No reply.

Non-smoker standing

With the smokers

Lazy bastard.

Time to refill

Why is it always

My turn?

All of these were written and drawn by the inimitable Yamada Zenjido, the artist who goes by y_haiku on Twitter and Instagram

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4 thoughts on “More Haiku Musings On The Ironies Of Modern Life

  1. This is so amazing, cute and funny rolled into one, love these illustrations I will now seek out this person, if they are on Twitter that is, as I’m not on Instagram, thank you Jonelle

  2. thank you for these translations! I follow this account on Twitter in the hopes that my Japanese will eventually catch up to being able to understand it. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. My sistah! I too subscribe and struggle with these painfully (my reading ability is SO WRETCHED when it’s not digital), so I’ll admit here that I secretly ask a Japanese friend about the translations, in case I got it wrong. Which is, uh, not infrequent.

      1. OMG, thank you for making me go back check that I didn’t link that “instagram” to his Twitter, because DUH yes, I absolutely did. Fixed now, and I kiss your feet for the prompt!

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