Spring Arrives Early: Flowers by Naked 2020

Just when you’re beginning to long for spring but it’s still shivery and damp and gray outside…Flowers By Naked arrives! The projection-mapping environment group Naked is staging its annual flower-themed extravaganza again for the whole month of February, so hop on over there and get a dose of spring fever.

This year’s theme is “Sakura” so you can expect more than average pinkitude

All-new larger-than-life animations of growing things surround you as you make your way through the exhibition

And this year, there’s a fanciful flowers and fairies animation that will delight young fantasy fans

They seem to be taking a page from TeamLab’s seductive use of mirrors to create infinity environments that multiple the flower mandalas all around, for a much more immersive environment than in previous years

There’s always a section given over to extravagent floral design using the kind of unusual combinations you usually don’t see outside of the Flower Dream Expo, and this year they’re incorporated bonsai trees into the mix

It’s fun to go with friends (or on a date) because the last room is always a bar offering original cocktails and other festive drinks

The annual Naked production has gotten a little pricey and it’s not as sophisticated or technically boggling as TeamLab’s Borderless, but it’s a charming and entertaining show nevertheless, and always worth a look.

Open: Every day from January 30 – March 1

Hours: 10:00-20:00

Address: Coredo Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, 2-2-1 Nihombashi Muromachi

Admission: Adult: ¥1800 on weekdays, ¥2200 on Sat, Sun & holidays; Children: ¥1200

Website: https://flowers.naked.works/2020nihonbashi/


(All photos courtesy of Flowers By Naked)

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