Fresh Acts Of Santa Blasphemy

Once again, Japanese costume purveyors are outdoing themselves with even more WTF ways to impersonate Saint Nick, which (I think you’ll have to agree) is a pretty heroic effort if you dispense with the red suit, the beard, and even the tiniest nod to jolly…

This “Santa” looks like he might show up with a bag full of aliens, then click his ball pen at you to make you forget he didn’t actually leave you anything under the tree

Only in Japan does anyone think it’s remotely festive to dress up like a reindeer

And it’s hard to imagine being filled with yuletide glee after Bank Robber Rudolph and Lucha Treehead crash your holiday get-together

Deadpool Santa has already taken out his rival inflatable counterpart in the battle for Xmas hearts and minds

And even dogs get a share of holiday Santatude in Tokyo

The season wouldn’t be compete without Little Red Riding Santa, this year’s go-to Sexy Santa style

And it’s comforting to know that not only do you not have to decide between being Red or being the wolf, you don’t even have to be female to reap that Sexy Santa goodness

Happy holidays, fellow Japan warriors! And don’t forget that…

…it just won’t be Parallel Universe Christmas Eve without Colonel Santa dishing out the strangest Japanese Xmas tradition of all

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