I Saw Another New Wild Animal In Tokyo!

There I was, drinking in the serene green at the Kiyosumi Garden…

(Where, I might add, the herons on the far island were prancing around doing the “my genes are better than yours” dance)

…when I nearly stepped on this.

It’s a Northern Chinese Softshell turtle, and if Wikipedia is right, this one is setting the standard for maximum bigness

It’s (weirdly) classified as “invasive” (because China) and “threatened.” Which shouldn’t surprised me, after hearing what Japanese visitors talk about at the aquarium. In these here parts, this unlikely snack is better known as suppon.

Seriously, does this face look even remotely edible to you?

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3 thoughts on “I Saw Another New Wild Animal In Tokyo!

  1. It doesn’t look tasty at all but it does look cute. It makes me sad they would attempt to eat this thing. It’s beautiful and no doubt it took ages to get to this size. What is wrong with people! 😦

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