If Only Japanese Rock Gardens Were Filled With Cooling Mist & Illuminations…

Oh. Wait. At Tokyo Midtown this summer, they are!

On the lawn that hosts those amazing winter illuminations, they’ve constructed a wide wooden veranda enclosing a “rock garden,” complete with clouds of mist and a fireworks-themed lightshow. And the best part is, you can sit and dangle your feet for as long as you like, enjoying the cool and the entertainment for free!

The illuminations twinkle to life, capturing all the colors of summer…

…before bursting into “fireworks”…

…in all the colors of the rainbow

And if you’re still not convinced this is the greatest summertime invention since popsicles…

But that’s not all! Next to the garden of blissful mist is a stand selling bento and drinks – including a sophisticated take on kakigori, that traditional summertime favorite – so you can picnic while enjoying the show.

Sometimes adulting is not so bad

You can also meet up with friends in the outdoor lounge, complete with this excellent take on the idea of “lawn chairs”

Or get yourself a free token at the stand next to the stream, take off your shoes, and sip a cold one while dipping your toes in the fountain

Tokyo Midtown Digital Art Garden

Dates: July 12 – August 25 (2019)

Hours: Illuminations are from 18:00 – 23:00, mist starts earlier, at 15:00

Admission: Free


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