How Superheros Find Their Perfect Match

I had to laugh when I saw these ads on the subway for the Partner Agent dating service. It features famous manga characters who ordinarily would never meet because they occupy totally different Japanese comic book series. She’s a villain named Doronjo, known for being smart, take-charge, and vain. He’s an renegade medical mercenary, who goes around using his mad doctor skillz to help the needy.

Yatterman meets Black Jack!

What he’s thinking: She looks opinionated. I won’t say she’s not my type.

What she’s thinking: He could be a doctor. I bet his salary’s not bad.

What they’re both thinking: Interesting.

He’s thinking: It’s been over 13 minutes and we haven’t said anything yet.

She’s thinking: It’s been over 13 minutes and he hasn’t said anything yet.

He’s thinking: I’ve got to say something. Anything.

She’s thinking: If he’d just say something.

Him: Did you know that all gorillas have type B blood?

Her: Really?

He’s thinking: Of all the things I could have said, why did I have to say that?

She’s thinking: How was I supposed to answer that?

The dating service says: If you’re not good at making conversation, consult with our marriage concierge.

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