Remote Control Hell At The Traditional Inn

On Tuesday I arrived at a fabulous onsen in Tateshima, expecting to simmer in their hot spring, gaze at splendid autumn leaves in luxurious quietude, and stuff myself with regional specialties, but when I got to my room I found…this.


I mean, what the heckin’ heck? Five remotes to control a tatami-floored room at a traditional Japanese inn?

Fortunately, they were (mostly) labeled, so I could decipher that (from left to right) they variously controlled 1) the sound system, 2) some equipment that shall forever remain a mystery, 3) the room lights, 4) the air conditioner/heater, 5) the TV.

The room lights thingie actually turned out to be useful, because whoever installed the light switches used some sort of ninja invisibility spell on them and I would have had to sleep in the glaring fluorescence all night if I hadn’t had the magic wand.

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