Are Ya Feelin’ Lucky?

Ah, New Year’s, when everyone in Japan visits their local kami-sama for the first time and gets a glimpse of their fortune for the coming year! But if you’re geographically challenged, and visiting your closest shrine would involve a butt-numbing plane flight, here are some dai-kichi (best luck ever) fortunes you can toss into a hat and allow my clairvoyant gachagacha cats to remotely pick one for you.

(Cue woo-woo music)

Happy New Year, friends of mine〜☆

May your next 365 days be filled with all these good things & more!

This series may be sold out by the time you’re next in Tokyo, but there will be plenty more to take its place! If you’d like to discover the latest, greatest gachagacha yourself, a guide to the best gachapon hunting spots in Tokyo is on my travel blog, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had. Happy hunting!

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4 thoughts on “Are Ya Feelin’ Lucky?

  1. I just got done writing a post about mystery and magic. I think you and I must be on the same plane. Non-Tokyo types are not going to appreciate how spot-on this post is. Love it. I’m looking forward to the pleasant colored foods.

    Did you dress up the gachagacha cats or did they come that way?

    1. They came that way, in all their blanket-wrapped glory! I couldn’t quite figure out what they were supposed to be, from a Japanese cultural sense, but they excellently matched my reading-under-the-covers-with-a-flashlight memories and flashlight-under-the-chin ghost story image, so that tempted me to stick way more hundred yen coins into the machine than I ought.

      And yes, this post was especially for my long-suffering Japan-dwelling compadres like you! Happy year of the inu, my friend, and may 2018 be a thousand percent better than ’17 (although I realize that does not set the bar very high, I am hoping for a measurable level of goodness.)

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