In the land where nannies are nearly as scarce as chimney sweeps, this all-Japanese celebration of bygone British privilege is about to hit the stage. It’s too bad they don’t adapt these things for the local audience the same way they “improve” pizza, because I would pay good money to hear someone sing such hits as “Just a spoonful of nattō makes the medicine go down” and enjoy the Japanese pronunciation of “sūpa-cari-furaja-risutikku-ekusupi-ari-dōshasu.

The Last Tea Bowl Thief was chosen as an Editor’s Pick for Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense on Amazon

“A fascinating mix of history and mystery.” —Booklist

For three hundred years, a missing tea bowl passes from one fortune-seeker to the next, altering the lives of all who possess it…read more

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4 thoughts on “Poppins-san

  1. One shudders just to think about it.

    I was thinking, one of the things on my bucket list is to go to a host bar, and I would be honored to go with you if you’re available one of these days. Best to go with an expert.

    I’d rather avoid Poppins-san, though.

    1. Waah, how I wish I could take you! That would start our f2f friendship off with a bang, wouldn’t it? But it seems that my host club manager has retired from the mizu shōbai biz and the Japanese friend who was my minder now has two kids, so even I am wistfully on the outside looking in these days. I would, however, very much like to take you anywhere I am at all able, and meet you face to face at last! I’m only in Tokyo for a few more days (which will sadly be spent frantically running around with a camera glued to my hand, taking kōyō videos for the new book aieee) but I’ll be back in early spring, so let’s put our thinking caps on and make a wish list of other places we can enjoy together!

      1. Well, host bar wasn’t high on my bucket list anyway. But it would be a great pleasure to meet you in the spring. I’m sure we can find something fun to do that doesn’t involve boy toys. Looking forward to it!

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