Roppongi Art Night 2017


All art, all night long. That’s the idea behind Roppongi Art Night, and although past years have been a bit meh, this year it was totally worth staying out late! These were my favorite bits:

The Sonic Light Bubble by Australian multimedia design studio ENESS was the best. It’s a giant inflated clear plastic piece with lights that pulsed and flickered to internally generated music.

Stills can’t really do this thing justice, so here’s a one-minute video for your mesmerizing pleasure:

Poking it was satisfying. You could clearly see the ripples where the reflections changed (although I think everyone who prodded it was sort of hoping it would affect the lights and sound)

Here’s what the LED units looked like, up close

Because fox (sorry I forgot to snap the blurb, but I think this was part of the Southeast Asian artist show at the Mori)

Eight clear pendulams swing back and forth, changing color as they reveal an invisible geometric universe in this sculpture by Ryo Kishi called “dis:play(bias)

But of course, it’s way better to see it in action:

And finally, this. (It’s called “Suit” by Makoto Egashira)

Best Xmas card ever. They were letting people dress up in the fuzzy flowered suits and join the fuzzy flowered mannequins for a group shot.

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And just for fun, here’s the one-minute video…