Fox Village Videos!

Here’s what it’s like to visit Fox Village in the snow, when the foxes are at their fattest & fluffiest!

I have to confess, when it comes to which animals would get to sit in business class in my ark, it’s all about the tails. Foxes, of course, have the most magnificent fruffy tails in all of the animal kingdom, and here’s a view from up top of the feeding island at Fox Village to prove it. TAILS. (And as you can see, the number of foxlings at Fox Village does not disappoint!)



So, what does the fox say? Isn’t it the most surprising sound ever? They look sort of like dogs, move sort of like cats, but they eerily cry like babies. Here’s a view from next to the feeding platform. They’re all waiting for the people up above to toss them some fox treats.



The minute I walked through the gate, foxes were right there. Like, trotting past close enough that they nearly ran over my snow boots. The fox habitat is surprisingly spacious, with little fox huts and a big platform in the middle so you can toss them some snax. As you can see, fox loafs everywhere.




Again, the foxes all looked well cared for, had access to plenty of water around the enclosure, and it wasn’t until after I left and was looking at the videos that I wondered…where is all the poop? Seriously, no poop. Anywhere. Either foxes are more fussy than cats, or the staff does a hella good job of pooper scooping.

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