Flower Dream Expo


You know how everybody thinks Japanese people sit around in their kimonos all day, arranging flowers into works of art? Well, they don’t. But when they do…it’s amazing.

I admit – this one is my favorite.

If you’re in Tokyo in April and you’d like to go to Flower Dream, check their website for more info.

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2 thoughts on “Flower Dream Expo

  1. Arg, so sorry, it was just for one weekend, in April! It’s at Big Sight every spring, though, and was well worth seeing, so please go next year and show me the pictures! My photos couldn’t capture the size of the arrangements – it was impossible to take nice pictures of them, because the lighting was wretched (cavernous convention hall) and there was no way to shoot the larger-than-human-sized confections without nastily glaring lights and mobs of people swarming around in the background (><), so I had to content myself with details only.

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