Fan-Built Lego Of Japan

Complete samurai suit of armor, Horned Minifig clan

Complete samurai suit of armor, Horned Minifig clan. I especially enjoy that it is fully jointed.

I saw these fan-built designs on display at the Lego store in Odaiba!


Experience the failure to grab any prize in miniature – just like the real thing! – with this fully operational Alien Claw model.


Rollicking 3D action with this motorized whitewater raft, complete with robot, cat and maniac in the middle seat.


Anatomically correct Lego family WAT

If you’d like to see the latest fan-built models, they’re at the Lego store in Odaiba, in the VenusPort mall at Aomi Station. Directions & map are on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

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