Mommy, When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Burger Flipper!

So, what does it say about Japanese society that five years ago the toy store shelves were filled with make-your-own squid ink popcorn, fancy jello desserts and sushi rolls that look like Anpan Man, but now the big seller is “Let’s pretend we work at MosBurger”?

This is the traditional version of “I want to work at McDonalds” – the fast food (conveyor belt) sushi shop. This toy even comes with a uniform for your favorite doll, a take-out box for customers on the go, and a “bullet train” dish for the kiddy meals!
Now this one I can understand. Even I want to work at a place where I can be surrounded by donuts all day.

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3 thoughts on “Mommy, When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Burger Flipper!

  1. Jonelle, This has to be one of the most unusual things you’ve put on this blog. What age group are we talking about here? Aren’t children too busy to play or think about this kind of game? You have now become one of my “can’t miss a day” reads, and you constantly amaze me. With much love, Aunty Nat

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    1. Thank you Aunty Nat! ^ _ ^ I think this is aimed at the same little girls who get cooking and cleaning sets. I didn’t want to belabor that point, but I didn’t see any corresponding blue sets that encourage boys to pretend they work at minimum wage jobs…

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