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April 02

Manga Schoolgirl Dogs

I didn’t think the Husky Club could outdo last month’s Husky kimono parade, but yesterday in honor of Japanese graduation season, they all turned up at the park dressed as manga versions of schoolgirls! • Read a novel set in Tokyo        

March 27

Rockabilly Spring

When I went to Yoyogi Park on Sunday, it was still too cold to unzip my jacket, the cherry blossom buds were still tight as fists, and even the dogs were still wearing little hoodie sweatshirts,  but I knew that spring had officially come because the rockabilly guys had changed their uniforms. Black leather jackets: […]

March 21

Flying Dog

This border collie is my favorite dog in all of Yoyogi Park. For hours, he tirelessly leaps into the air to bump that ball off his nose straight back to his master. On the rare times he misses and the ball goes astray, he makes like black and white lightning to retrieve it: belly to […]

March 05

Dogs In Kimonos

You can’t help but throw your head back and laugh in amazement when fifteen dogs parade by, dressed in Japanese formalwear. In honor of Hina Matsuri (the doll festival that happens every year at the beginning of March) the local Husky club turned up in Yoyogi Park yesterday all decked out in kimonos. I’ve seen this club […]

January 25

He Mixes! He Dances! He Paints!

This guy gets the street artist prize for multi-tasking. While operating a sound board with a spinning CD, he dabs  paint at his canvas while dancing around the easel. Never mind that the painting isn’t going to end up in the Guggenheim – if he had ¥1000 for every person who stopped to watch, he’d […]

January 09


Yoyogi Park isn’t just for the rockabillies and the aspiring idols of Japan – in a far corner, every weekend, Atsuhiko Kida sets up his slackline. 代々木公園は、ロカビリーや将来を夢見て練習しているスターの卵たちだけの場所ではありません。公園内に深く進んだある一角で、木田充彦さんは毎週末スラックラインを張っています。 From afar, you see Kida-san sauntering along the strip of webbing stretched between two trees, about two feet off the ground. 遠くから近づいていくと、木田さんが二本の木の間に張られた細いラインの上を優雅に散歩している姿が見えてきます。 He jumps, as if the narrow strip were […]

October 17

Elvis is Alive and Performing in Yoyogi Park

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon yesterday in Yoyogi Park, and the rockabilly clubs were out in force. These guys gather around boom boxes near the Harajuku Station entrance, occasionally swigging from a bottle of whisky, taking turns dancing their hearts out to “Blue Suede Shoes” and other classics from when The King was king. […]