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May 04

How To Get Anime Eyes, Part II

Eyelid glue? Check! Colored circle contacts? Check! Long curled eyelashes? Oh no! Quick, get thee to the eyelash salon! Seems like there’s a shop on every corner promising Japanese women the long curled eyelashes of their dreams. Because Asian eyes have single fold lids, eyelashes tend to point straight down instead of out, and Japanese eyelashes […]

March 10

Anime Eyes

If you’re going to be a visual kei star, you’ve got to get The Look. Hair bleached, waxed, teased and sprayed? Check! Matching band promo Hello Kitty X Peace Now t-shirts? Check! But most important, did you remember to put in your circle contacts and make up your eyes so you look like a live action […]

November 28

Boy Band, K-Style

Walking through the gigantic Sunshine City shopping mall in Ikebukuro, I thought I heard the perfectly-engineered chorusing of a Japanese boy band performing. I was wrong. When I craned my neck over the swooning fangirls crushed against the balcony railing, it was clearly a Korean boy band whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Korean singers […]

August 11

Dancing with the Fangirlz

Tonight my friend Ayumi and I odori-ed ourselves to happy exhaustion with the fangirls at the Shibuya O-West. It was the annual visual kei Zany Zap Summit, and it did not disappoint. The live house was packed with about 300 followers of the three bands (as typical, no seats, SRO), and after they called our […]

August 09

Boyz in Pink Hair and Eyeliner

Tonight I saw Duel Jewel at the Liquidroom in Ebisu, a ‘live house’ with standing room for about 400. The band is a classic example of visual kei: glam metal overlaid with stylish Japanese punk. The guitar-thrashing boys and girls (not always clear which) take the stage in bruised-looking make-up, hair out to here, and enough piercings […]