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March 29

The Godzilla Of Cherry Trees

Don’t let this big daddy sneak up on you in the dark! In Japan they don’t mess around when it comes to cherry trees. I saw this explosion of goodness last night at Rikugi-en garden in Tokyo, where they light up the all-powerful sakura until 9:00 every night during The Season. But this one isn’t the only monster […]

March 13

Early Spring At A Beautiful Garden

Today it was raining. But I went to Shinjuku Gyouen garden anyway.   If you’d like to visit Shinjuku Gyou-en garden the next time you’re in Tokyo, a map is on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had. • Read a novel set in Tokyo  

February 28

Once Again, Plum Blossoms Do Not Disappoint

It’s not that I don’t like cherry blossom season, I just like plum season better. (Okay, azalea season too. But that’s not ’til the end of April.) In case I haven’t convinced you yet, here are a few more… For more plum goodness, last year’s plum blossom-o-rama is here! If you’d like to see some gorgeous plum […]

December 03

Leaf Season-O-Rama

Forget those pesky cherry blossoms. Leaf season is the BEST! If you’d like to visit Arisugawa Park, Gokoku-ji temple, Gotoku-ji temple (they’re different!), the Nezu Shrine, Koraku-en garden, or any of the other best places to see autumn leaves in Tokyo, directions & maps to all the shrines & temples and gardens are on my website, […]

April 20

Azalea Mania

Once again, the Nezu Shrine does not disappoint – at the end of April, the hills surrounding my favorite shrine are paved with azaleas of every color. But my favorite part is the tunnel of bright orange torii gates that wends its way through the blazing balls of blooms! If you’d like to go to […]

April 11

The Ultimate Secret Garden

Behind the long, boring building mostly known for blocking views of the pagoda at Senso-ji is the secret garden of Denpo-in. Within those walls is a serene retreat used by the priests for meditation, closed to the public except for a few days each year. But if you’re in Tokyo right now, woo hoo, it’s […]

March 24

Cherry Blossom-O-Rama

It’s crowded. It’s crazy. But I’ve got to admit, cherry blossom season here does not disappoint. • After scouring Tokyo for the best of the pinkness, Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Tokyo