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September 19

The Jellyfish & Shark Bar

Now you don’t have to trek to the aquarium in Ikebukuro to see your favorite wiggly and bite-y creatures of the deep – right next to Ebisu station is Medusa, where you can sip the beverage of your choice while being mesmerized by the glow! Additional entertainment may be had by perusing the Standard Liqueurs […]

July 04

Great Balls of Fiery Okinawan Spirits

Up four flights of stairs in Shimokitazawa is this drinkery I don’t know the name of, but it’s got a killer light-up bar and specializes in an Okinawan spirit called awamori. Made from Thai rice, awamori is not for the weak. It packs a 60-86 proof punch and is traditionally served with ice and water. But like shōchū, […]

June 23

Aptly Named Bars of Tokyo

The owners of these Tokyo watering holes clearly believe in calling a spade a spade! • Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

February 27

Live Music for Eight

Remember how I was talking about shoebox-sized businesses here in Tokyo? Well, around the corner from Eat A Peach in Shimokitazawa is the Apollo Jazz Bar. As you walk by on the narrow street outside, the sound of pro musicians jamming wafts up the steps from this basement grotto, calling you in like the Pied Piper. […]

October 10

The Vinegar Cafe

Vinegar is not my favorite thing. Not even close. So I was kind of lukewarm on the idea of going to a café where the house specialty was drinks based on fruit vinegar. How could I have been so wrong? The drinks were so delicious, I’ve been back to Marusan several times since, just to […]

October 03

Eat A Peach

That’s the name of the tiny bar in Shimo-kitazawa where we ended up last night after listening to Brazilian jazz at Apollo, a slightly larger drinkery where you sip your beer among the musicians as they play. I think Tokyo should win a prize for the number of businesses operating in spaces the size of a […]

September 26

Midnight Mess

Saturday night I went to the monthly Goth party at Club Marz and met up with famed author/journalist/TV host La Carmina, who was filming a segment for NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV. The fabulous outfits and makeup of everybody there – especially La Carmina and Yukiro – are always a visual treat. And the entertainment did […]